WORLD IS A VAMPIRE / CLOUD RAT – “Blightseed” split LP


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500 copies, on black. 2019

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The World Is A Vampire / Cloud Rat – “Blightseed” split LP

Michigan’s Cloud Rat continue to smash down the barriers that divide the genre styles of extreme music. Spasms of speed and elemental fury contrasted with occasional post rock drama, lead by the chillingly ferocious screams of vocalist Madison Marshall (Like the Witch in Left 4 Dead – yeah, that scary). Its a flaming exciting maelstrom of apocalyptic hardcore fury. The World Is A Vampire’s side of this split full-length rages with a primordeal energy. And their version of Tears For Fear’s Mad World, bizarre though it is, is a pretty mental cover that, trust me,  you need to hear.

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