TERMINAL BLISS – “Brute Err/ata” LP


Relapse Records

Single sided black vinyl. 2021

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Terminal Bliss – “Brute Err/ata” LP

The debut for a Virginian punk band that features Chris and Mike Taylor of Pg. 99, Malady and Pygmy Lush, and Adam Juresko of City Of Caterpillar and the amazing drummer Ryan Parrish of countless bands (City Of Caterpillar, Darkest Hour, Verse En Coma, Mammoth Grinder, Iron Reagan, Suppression etc.). Anyone familiar with Bitter River, the first album by Pygmy Lush  will have a good inkling as to what you are about to receive: high velocity hardcore noise falling-over itself in a torrential rush of raging fury and self immolation. Taking the screamo of Pageninetynine and City Of Caterpillar and then broadening it with some inspiration taken from a highly selective trawl through the hardcore-punk archives (Die Kreuzen, early C.O.C., Born Against and Combat Wounded Veteran).

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