SUBHUMANS – “Crisis Point” CD


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Includes die cut stencil. 2019

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Subhumans – “Crisis Point” CD

Like shitloads of other West Country youth, the nightmare of comprehensive schooling in ’80s britain was made considerably easier by owning a clutch of dubbed Subhumans albums for my walkman. They were our Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys… and a lot more fun than Conflict. Because of the sharpness of Dick’s anti-establishment lyrics Subhumans always get lumped-in with the UK’s anarcho scene, but for me they were always, first ‘n foremost a hardcore punk band. Influenced by both 70’s punk, especially The Ruts, and the fledgling US hardcore scene – crucially, they were off touring the States with Scream before kids like me even knew American punk was a thing that existed outside of the DKs – they were true UK punk pioneers. And not short of a musical chop or two, either. But a new Subhumans album in 2019? No there’s a turnip for the books… their first new music in 12 years, all brand-new songs. And no ska, which is a huge bonus. CD version includes a die-cut stencil (a dead-of-night trip down to the old school bus stop awaits, spray can in hand).

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