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Speak In Tongues: An Oral History of Cleveland’s DIY Punk Venue  – Book

By Eric Sandy

Everyone’s always talking about their home town scene…”Speak In Tongues was a freewheeling, community-run underground music venue in Cleveland, Ohio that operated on a do-it-yourself basis throughout the late 1990s… Traveling bands regularly booked shows there, including ones that went on to greater fame, like Modest Mouse, Avail, Lifter Puller, Jimmy Eat World, Alkaline Trio, Milemarker, and J Church. … This comprehensive oral history tells a story that is greater than the sum of each person’s recollections, forming a picture of a unique, weird, special place that deeply informed the next twenty years of Cleveland’s underground culture.” Hundreds of anecdotes, and hundreds of photographs (in colour)

Paperback 190 pages, 13cm x 17cm. (RRP $16.95)

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