SPACED – “This Is All We Ever Get” LP


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Light blue vinyl (313 copies), 2024

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Spaced – “This Is All We Ever Get” 12″

The debut eighth track 12″ for Buffalo, New York’s Spaced. A blend of hardcore that incorporates hooks, group-shouts, two-step grooves and head-banging rippers. Casting an eye over the band’s appearance, you might lazily assume them to be catching a ride on the current wave of excitement that has elevated bands like Scowl and Gel. But that pre-judgement would be an error. For starters, Spaced formed way back in 2019, and released their demo in 2021; secondly, their style of bouncy-but-aggressive hardcore shares  more in common with the likes of Initiate and Buggin. What I’m saying is, you probably need to check Spaced out.

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