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SAM McPHEETERS – “Mutations” Book


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Mutations: The Many Strange Faces Of Hardcore Punk – Book

Sam McPheeters

Sam McPheeters is best known as the outspoken and agitational frontman of Born Against, Men’s Recovery Project and Wrangler Brutes, but he also, of course, has a long history as a wordsmith that goes all the way back to the days of Dear Jesus fanzine. Funny, insightful and smart; he has learnt some solid writing skills, too – highly readable and refeshingly free of cliche. In this collection of essays, profiles, criticism, and personal history, he explores the world of punk… whatever the word ‘punk’ means…? Great thoughts on the nature of SSD, Discharge, Green Day, Youth Of Today, No Trend, and other mind-expandingly essential topics of conversation and comtemplation.

268 pages, 14cm x 22cm (RRP $18)


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