PRIMITIVE MAN – “Insurmountable” LP


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Clear vinyl with black, white, gold splatter, gatefold sleeve, includes obi strip and insert. 2022

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Primitive Man – “Insurmountable” LP

Four new recordings from Denver Colorado’s bastions of death-sludge-doom, one of which, confusingly, is a cover of Smashing Pumkin’s song. The sun is out, do you want to hit the beach? No way! Im going to draw the curtains, inhale some children in need, and open-up my third eye by listening to Primitive Man. I can feel it blinking already, and I’m only one song in.
A familar style of slow, monolithic heavines that we have heard many times before – from early Swans, to the slow passages of early Napalm Death, right up to the countless doom bands of the 21st century – but Primitive Man just elevate it to somplace/somewhere else. With rich textures of sound, that suck you in, and take you somewhere very dark and very strange, so pleasing to the ear, you become convinced that you want to go there. Such is the strength of their lure. Even on a sunny day like today. I don’t wann go out. I wanna go out there.

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