PREY – “Unsafe” LP


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Blue vinyl, includes obi-strip (250 copies). 2023

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Prey – “Unsafe” LP

New hardcore from High Wycombe featuring former and current members of Pi$$er, Omerta, TV-Party, Shitty Limits, Bonestorm, BTRL, Personnel, and Filament… and I don’t know if that is a helpful indicator of how this band sounds – that’s too many names for me to even begin working out the flavours –  but it is definitely the stamp of experience and quality that you would hope for… I imagine that the discussions pre first practise went something along the lines of: we just want to play super fast, 80’s influenced hardcore punk, short songs, no pissing-around, straight to the point. End result, sixteen tracks in as many minutes, that meets all your primary nutritional requirements, no problem, with added flavour enhancers in the form of cool call-response dual vocals, super-tasty drum fills, and some very fine punchy basslines. And if you need further enticement, combine early Fucked Up with Anti Mob and mid-period Heresy. You’re going to want to own a copy of this debut. Before it’s gone…

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