PRETTY FLOWERS – “Why Trains Crash” LP


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includes download. 2018

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The Pretty Flowers – “Why Trains Crash” LP

A brilliantly written debut album in the tradition of bands like Superchunk who blurr the lines between punk and indie rock. An LA band with former members of The Henry Clay People, The Breakups, Jungle Jungle, and Shirley Rolls (?? nope, me neither). You can knock out melodic indie rock songs in a Replacements style and be as as dull and mild-mannered as an American sit-com soundtrack, but, to pinch a Razorcake review that captures it better than I can: “…they’re a well-kept secret – a songwriters band. The kind of band that deserves heaps of respect for earnestly putting their hearts and souls into crafting a faultless debut LP.”

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