POISON IDEA – “Tribute to G.I.S.M.” 7″


TKO Records

Black vinyl, (1200 copies) includes insert. 2024

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Poison Idea – “Pays Tribute To The Legendary G.I.S.M.” 7″

An EP released by TKO and Jerry A as a homage to the late Sakevi Yokoyama frontman of Japanese punk-metal-noise weirdos, G.I.S.M. (who dropped his body in August 2023). Containing two songs taken from the Detestation LP of 1983: a (remixed) version of “Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter” that appeared on Poison Idea’s fifth album We Must Burn (from 1993), plus a version of “Death, Agonies And Screams.” which previously appeared on a split 7-inch with Babes In Toyland (and the Religion & Politics Part 1&2 EP). Both cover songs feature Pig Champion. Side B includes a new song/short noise piece co-written by Jerry A as a nod to G.I.S.M.S.’ more experimental work – so, good luck with that one. It’s expensive, I don’t know why.

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