POISON IDEA – “Get Loaded And Fuck” LP


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Black vinyl. 2022

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Poison Idea¬† – “Get Loaded And Fuck” 12″ EP

From the peak era of Portland’s seminal outlaw punks, the recordings that were made between War All The Time and Feel The Darkness: three tracks from the notorious Filthkick EP released in 1988 on their own, one-off, Shitfool label (but not including their cover of New Rose – so I guess the realities of copyright must have caught-up with them); plus three additional tracks refered to as the Getting the Fear EP (which I don’t remember as a stand-alone release at all). Originally made available as a limited, cassette-only release in 1988, and then later made more widely available on vinyl as the Ian MacKaye 12″ on Kalv-Heresy’s In Your Face Records in 1989 (the one with the hairy arsehole on the front cover… yeah, sorry, you probably didn’t need to be reminded of that image). On its release I was slightly dissapointed how the Filthkick EP was a step towards a less serious-minded/more ‘humerous’ version of P.I., at least in the lyrics (Although, Feel the Darkness later proved that this was not a permanent shift, with lyrics that were a return to the heart of darkness). But it also has to be said, Pig Champion’s guitar work on these tracks were completely on fire! Oh my, that man was a genius. This is volume 9 in the ongoing series of P.I. re-issues.

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