POISON IDEA – “Feel The Darkness” LP


American Leather / TKO Records

Double black vinyl, gatefold sleeve. 2020

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Poison Idea – “Feel The Darkness” Double LP

Highly crafted masterpieces, one and all. From the classic-rock piano intro of “Plastic Bomb” through to the wire brush snare cracks of the title track (Our generations’ Mack The Knife!), it’s A-side hits all the way, from start to finish. Lyrics, sleeve art, production – the record’s title, even – all concentrated Poison Idea perfection.This deluxe gatefold reissue gives you a second disc of extra tracks: different mixes of a three album tracks, and an additional 7 bonus tracks, outtakes and b-sides from the same recording session, including a Go-Gos cover. This is the pressing from the 2020; less silver foil on the sleeve (band logo only), and on double black vinyl.

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