POISON IDEA – “Feel The Darkness: Larry Crane Remix” LP


American Leather / TKO Records

Double black vinyl (1801 copies), embossed gatefold sleeve. 2024

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Poison Idea – “Feel The Darkness: Larry Crane Remix” Double LP

Highly crafted masterpieces, one and all. From the classic-rock piano intro of “Plastic Bomb” through to the wire brush snare cracks of the title track (Our generations’ Mack The Knife!), it’s A-side hits all the way, from start to finish. Lyrics, sleeve art, production – the record’s title even – all concentrated Poison Idea perfection. This deluxe gatefold reissue gives you a second disc of extra tracks: different mixes of a three album tracks, and an additional 7 bonus tracks, outtakes and b-sides from the same recording session, including a Go-Gos cover.
“For this 2024 pressing TKO entrusted venerated Portland recording engineer Larry Crane with the monumental task of this new remix. … What resulted is a carefully crafted mix that restores many of the original decisions which the previous 2018 version steered away from, as well as improving and refining on the 1990 version where appropriate.”
Does it sound different? Am I going to open-up and play a £35 album just to find out? Hell-no! This 2024 repress has the same tracks as the previous ‘Deluxe’ version. But has the addition of embossed text on the front and back of the gatefold sleeve. 

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