PLANET ON A CHAIN – “Culture Of Death” LP


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Violet vinyl (635 copies), 2023

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Planet On A Chain – “Boxed In” LP

An unstoppable stampede of intense energy, Oaklands P.O.A.C. are back again with another new full-length just one year since the release of their debut, Boxed In (with Deprogram – the re-recorded demos album – sandwiched in between). Since then, the band have added a second guitar player (Al Blotto from Acts Of Sedition, Mutilated Tongue, and Screaming Fist), and have played a a string of shows with Gorilla Biscuits, Dropdead and Urban Sprawl; all the while becoming faster, tighter, and more P.O.A.C. than ever before. Fronted by Dave Ackerman, vocalist of New Jersey’s Tear It Up and Dead Nation, and backed by members of Bay Area veterans from bands like Dead And Gone, Punch, Look Back And Laugh, Talk Is Poison, and many, many more. Fast, raw, hardcore punk played by true lifers “that welcomes freaks of all walks of life”.

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