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Limited ‘Blood And Guts’ vinyl.  2020

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Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – “Viscerals” LP

Noise rock from the North East. Turbonegro high energy jostles alongside Unsane thuggery and Melvins/Elder 70’s hard rock heaviosity. And with a production that is suprisingly (for a UK band) bang-on for it’s unsophisticated, unpolished satisfaction (And Richard Dawson gets credited with playing cowbells. Bonus!). This delivers the goods, and manages to stay on the right side of riff-based heaviness and weirdo-shoutiness in order to avoid tipping-over into the token-loud/edgy band accepted by the Guardian/6 Music square-hipsters (squipsters) – they can keep their Idles instead Big-up to Rocket Records, outside of punk/DIY circles, it has become one of the more interesting non-commercial UK labels active today.

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