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Black/clear vinyl. 2019

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Petbrick – “I” LP

A duo comprising Wayne Adams (Big Lad, Death Pedals, Johnny Broke) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulwax etc.) – exploring electronic experimentation, with a dystopian anxiety, and hardcore punk attitude. Revisiting the gabba, breakcore underground explosions of the early 2000’s: Atari Teenage Riot, DJ Scud, Jutine Broadrick’s Techno Animal/Ice etc. Always an aquired taste – careful with that migraine –  you definitely couldn’t/wouldn’t dance to it at a ‘rave’ (or disco, as I liked to call them), but you could certainly fuck-shit-up to it. End result here is a post-metal, modern-day mix of Ministry and Aphex Twin, with the added intensity of guest vocals from folk such as Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker, Integrity’s Dwid Hellion. This is the UK version – it’s on Closed Casket Activities in the US (which makes sense if you consider the electro blasts on Vein’s full-length).

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