PASSION KILLERS – “They Kill Our Passion…” LP


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Passion killers – “They Kill Our Passion With Their Hate And War” LP

I recall Passion Killers being a Chumbawumba spin-off band that released a 7″ on Rugger Bugger Records in the early 90s. The Chumba connection is accurate (with Boff on bass and vocals in particular), but I didn’t realise how much further into the past this side project stretched: right back to a demo tape recorded in 1983. With their melodic catchiness these 11 tracks owe as much to Swell Maps as Subhumans or Rudimentary Peni, but it remains an essential addition to the collection of any 80’s anarcho punk enthusiast. The LP comes with a 16 page booklet featuring photos, lyrics, handouts, clippings and other stuff.

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