ORCHID – “Chaos Is Me” silver foil LP


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Green vinyl with silver foil sleeve, includes insert. 2023

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Orchid – “Chaos Is Me” (silver foil edition) LP

Their first full length 12″, released in 1999, featuring eleven songs of their unique blend of emotive chaos and combustible hardcore. They Blended it all together to create a towering wall of collapsing emo-violence. So influential, the impact of their legacy still reverberates around the sonic caverns of the 2020s. The various Orchid members have gone on to form Bucket Full Of Teeth, Wolves, Ampere, Panthers, Transistor Transistor, Ritual Mess, Violent Bullshit, Longings and No Faith. This is the 2023 repress, on very limited/expensive silver foil sleeve.

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