NEGAZIONE – “Wild Bunch / The Early Days” LP


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Black vinyl, includes insert. 2022

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Negazione – “Wild Bunch / The Early Days” LP

The early recordings of the legendary hardcore band from Turin, compiling together their tracks from 1984’s split tape release with Declino, Mucchio Selvaggio (later released as a vinyl LP by C.O.R. Records), and their first two self-released 7″ EPs: Condannati A Morte Nel Vostro Quieto Vivere and Tutti Pazzi. Negazione’s sound really came together when they graduated to the stage of releasing 12″ records, and the album Lo Spirito Continua is perhaps their finest moment, but aside from being highly collectable artefacts (not without a significant cultural value too), these earlier recordings are well worth investigating just for the sheer unhinged wildness that they unleashed. Pioneering 80’s DIY hardcore punk at it’s craziest.

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