NATURAL MAN BAND – “Living in a Chemical World” LP


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The Natural M*n Band – “Living in a Chemical World With The Natural Man Band” LP

Like a misfit space rock band of the 1980s – who drank mushrooom tea, dressed in dayglow colours, played free festivals in Cornwall (hash for cash) and toured the rest of the country in a converted ambulence (that broke down somewhere outside of Woking) – only, The Natural M*n Band are from the US, and the year is 2019… “Seven Kansas City mavericks deliver a transcendent rock record for the working class. It’s a brew of punk, new wave, the chili peppers and thanks to the professional sax player even krautrock and jazz”. If you like Gong… or CCTV and The Coneheads, you absolutely need to check this out.

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