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Murphy’s Law – Self-titled LP

New York City hardcore punk from 1986. The debut album from Johnny Gastapo’s ever-rotating line up of musicians, cross pollinating with countless other NY bands (and beyond). Unlike some of their peers Murphy’s Law were a lighter, funnier, variation of NYHC, more aligned to Gang Green and Jerry’s Kids; probably soaking-up a big helping of UK punk – GBH especially -and yeah, like other New York bands of the 80’s, crappy UK Oi! music too. (Why, I don’t know – skinheads always make shitty music. And often with even shittier lyrics. Yeah, skinheads, I’m prejudiced against you. Deal with it). Like so many NYHC records of the 1980’s, this is is great sounding record, but that ultimately makes your I.Q. feel like it just got reduced by around 25-35%.

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