MUGA – “There Is Nothing Eternal Exists” LP


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505 copies, includes insert and poster. 2019

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Muga “There Is Nothing Eternal Exists” LP

This is a recording by Japanese hardcore band Muga that was originally released (as far as I can tell) as a CD on an obscure UK indie label called Dharma Records in 2008, back when the band were still active; and I think it must have consequently slipped under the radar (I didnt know of this release – and I would have been all over it if I had. Was it just me who was out of the loop? Damn). So it’s a righteously good thing that it has been resurrected onto vinyl all these years later. Back in the day a suitable label for the band would have been Feral Ward, as this is right up their street (Tragedy, Deathside). They also share the same elemental whirlwind of fury that Envy were riding about the same time, and the thought of both bands in 2008 playing on the same bill is pretty fucking mindblowing. Wow, it’s amazing what can pass you by. Let this act as a warning: stay alert, and keep your ear to the ground.


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