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MORAL LAW- “The Looming End” LP


New Age Records

Green in clear vinyl (195 copies). 2022

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Moral Law – “The Looming End” LP

Vegan edge metal band from Denver, Colorado finding their natural base amongst the roster of New Age Records, the label that has done this style of hardcore more consistently and reliably than any other, and still going strong (yeah, take that Victory Records! you were always second place). Along with Vanguard, Field of Flames and Ritual Of Decay, Moral Law have crafted their own raw and emotionally complex take on this style of modern edge metal. Propelled by a desperate urgency and desire to bludgen you with their message, (passionate outrage is key to this style of hardcore, afterall. If you fear a little moral preachiness then, well, what are you doing even reading-up on a band called Moral Law?). Smart, compassionate suss, and tight, muscular musicianship are combined for a killer debut full-length, the best New Age release in quite some time.

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