MINORS – “Abject Bodies” LP


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Beer with pink splatter, limited to 230. 2019

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Minors – “Abject Bodies” LP

Minors are from Canada and this is their second full-length, a follow-up to 2016’s Atrophy, also released by Holy Roar. Stretching the elasticity of hardcore punk to the limits of sonic violence, heavy too, with elements of doomy-sludge creeping in from the sides – probably due to sharing stages with Primitive Man, whom they don’t sound like, but you can detect a slight influence. Thanks to the vocal style more than anything, this stays within the hardcore basecamp. Metal flourishes are kept to a minimum; but studio standards are maxed-out, with crushing sheets of feedback and dense distortion cascading down upon you, whilst still managing to let some of the lighter post rock moments shine through – a pretty amazing standard of sound production. This one is essential for fans of Cursed, Trap Them, Converge and Cult Leader. An intense voyage into the dark psyche of a tormented soul, in, um, a good way.

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