MELLAKKA – “1984-1086” 7″ box set


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Box-set, 3×7″s, red vinyl, limited to 500. 2018

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Mellakka – “1984-1086” 7″ box set

A three 7″ boxed set of all the recordings made by this Finnish hardcore punk band of the 1980s – the band released “Ei…” EP from 1984; the “Itsenäisyyspäivä” from 1985 (released by Rat Poison Records); and a three track demo recording from 1986 (on 7″ vinyl for the first time). The first two 7 inches come with reproduced original cover art. This is the second press of the box set, this time on red vinyl. Mallakka, they were top-notch, first-generation, D-beat influenced Finnish thrash. Strong on the hardcore energy-factor, and proper raging. Essential for fans of Kaaos, Rattus, Kafka Process, etc.

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