LOCKJAW – “Demos 1982-1983” LP


Antitodo Records

Pink, one-sided vinyl, posters and inserts. 2018

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Lockjaw – “Demos 1982-1983” LP

The Spanish label Antitodo continues to raid the vaults of obscure 80s hardcore and punk. Lockjaw were part of the same scene that give us Poison Idea, which is a good indication as to what to expect soundwise: rough-edged nihilistic hardcore from the ugly youth of early ’80s Portland, Oregon. The influence of the Necros, SSD and early Dischord 7″s are also present. It’s shame that they were so half-arsed with their lyrics – teenage stupidity, I guess – purile, but harmless now. Resorting to their unfortunate gimmick of violence and controversy probably didn’t help lift them out of local-scene-obscurity back in the day, and in this respect Lockjaw are similar to Vile, whose 7″ was recently repressed by Radio Raheem. There are eight demo tracks on this one-sided 12”, which comes with a lyric sheet, two fold out posters and a postcard.





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