LITOVSK – “Dispossessed “LP


Symphony Of Destruction

500 copies, hand-printed sleeves. 2018

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Litovsk- “Dispossessed” LP

A post-punk band from Brest, France, following-up their debut self-titled full-length from 2016. Tapping into the same modern take of an old style that Germany’s Diat have mastered so expertly i.e. rhythm-propelled rough-edged melodies, where the punk in the ‘post-punk’ wins-out strongest. Litovsk also nuture an instinct for keeping the ear-friendly tunes up-front, leading the way, and (obscure reference coming up) the shouty-sung vocals often remind me of unsung hereos of the mid 80s UK anarcho punk scene, Thatcher On Acid. And if Litovsk shared a stage with Rixe it would also make total sense.

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