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LAFFING GAS – “It’s A Beautiful Day In The Gulch” LP


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500 copies. 2020

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Laffing Gas – “It’s A Beautiful Day In The Gulch” LP

A new up and coming band from Bloomington (near Indianapolis) showcasing 10 tracks of Midwestern hardcore punk. 80’s influence? Abso-fucking-lutely. Think: Necros, N.O.T.A., The Fix, Articles Of Faith, Die Kruezen- and then jump up and down for joy beacause you have just discovered your new favourite band! Hardcore punk will eat itself? It makes for a wholesome and nutrious meal, so why not? Yes, you’ve heard this before, and at the same time, no, you havent heard it before. Laffing Gas are a new band, and sound like nobody else but themselves… and hundreds of other bands from time past (and probably time future). And that’s good enough for me. Now jump out the window and run like a loon with your arse-crack showing, stage dive the hedge, and away, off down the street.

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