KOYO – s/t Double LP


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Gatefold sleeve, double vinyl. 2017

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Koyo – self-titled Double LP

A relatively new band from Leeds who combine post rock, shoegaze and prog rock into a spacey voyage that is lot mellower than most of what this distro offers, but fuck it, I like it, I carry it, them’s the rules. Especially when a record offers-up so many tantelizing tit-bits of some of my much-loved of yesteryear. Koyo have a Radiohead-meets-Pink-Floyd-thing going on (thankfully, minus the miserablism of the former or the indulgence of the latter). I dont care too much for either of those two bands, but I do know that when I hear a hint of King Crimson or And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead or Oceansize, I’m absolutely in there, head betwixt the speakers. With a youthful and unpretentious enthusiasm on their side, I’d speculate that these guys are destined for bigger and better things, defintely got the talents for it – just as long as they keep it righteous and don’t dissapear down a Muse-corporate-hole. Enjoy ’em now while they’re a terrific DIY-underground secret.

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