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Limited to 3o0 copies. 2019

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Kafka – self-titled LP

In this past decade Greek hardcore punk has risen to become some of the best to be found anywhere on the planet.  It’s not rocket science to figure-out why considering the social and political upheavel that has afflicted the country these past years, enough to make anyone pick up a guitar and vent some rage. Mark my words, music collectors of the future will be frothing at the mouth to get hold of these records, much like a Negazione 7″ placed on Discogs today. This is the debut releases from a squad of squater activists with a desperate blackened-punk rush of socio-politicaly motivated noise. Aggressive, dramatic, heavy and righteous, in all the right ways. Somewhere between Anti-Mob and Sarabante (Southern Lord). If you haven’t already, get back on board with the cultural event that is the continuing Greek uprising.

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