HARHAT – Käskyjä ja Uhkauksia 7″


Imminent Destruction / Kämäset Levyt Records

Limited to 3o0 copies. 2018

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Harhat – Käskyjä ja Uhkauksia 7″

Finnish hardcore punk thrash – racous, raw and bludy rowdy. The spirit of Mellakka and Riistetyt tencaciously lives on. A soapless washing machine tumble of frantic D beats, howling distorto guitars and screaming vocals, roaring-up from deep within a turbulent abyss. What is a washing machine doing in an abyss? how long is the extension cord? The plumbing? These are questions I cannot answer. Music is mysterious. Raw noise even more so.

Käskyjä ja Uhkauksia EP by HARHAT

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