GRAND SCHEME – “Numbers Game” 7″


 11 PM Records

Black vinyl, includes insert. 2023

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Grand Scheme – “Numbers Game” 7″

On a direct collision with anything that is new and in-fashion within modern hardcore, and yet conversely still sounding bang on trend. Thuggish old school hardcore that is brash, defiant and incendiary. “Call it what you want – old school, meat and potatoes, or, most recently, democore¬† – Grand Scheme, a punk hardcore band from the DMV” (the DC, Maryland,Virginia area, I think?). Fuck, this is so many bands wrapped up in one, from times past; there’s no point in trying to draw comparisons, just open your lug ‘oles and press play. 11pm Records once again goes hoovering-up classy demos so that you don’t have to, and then unleash yet another cool new hardcore 7″ record upon the rest of the world. Their hard work repeatedly pays off for which we all owe them a gurt big debt of gratitude.

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