FOC – “La Fera Ferotge” LP


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Foc – “La Fera Ferotge” LP

Just because a hardcore punk band comes from Southern Europe (Barcelona, in this instance) shouldn’t mean you instantly compare them to the classic bands of the 1980s (Wretched, Peggio Punx, Negazione, Raw Power, Indigesti etc.) and yet… and yet Foc have an indirect lineage to that wonderful Mediterranean period of time – it’s there in the crunchy guitar tone, the frantic drum patterns, the urgent vocal delivery. Combine it with the evolution of hardcore noise ever since (which Foc, inevitably, have also absorbed) and you get here an explosive cocktail that does a darn sight more than singe your eyebrows  and scorch your nasal hair. This one will set you alight. A debut mini-LP, ten songs all sung in their mother tongue of Catalan.

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