FIDDLEHEAD – “Between The Richness” (purple) LP


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‘White Inside Purple’ vinyl (2000). Includes download. 2021

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Fiddlehead “Between The Richnes” LP

The second album and follow up to their Springtime And Blind album of 2018. The music of Fiddlehead is what it is (and what it was): the very sound that you would expect of ex-members of Have Heart, Sweet Jesus and Basement after having absorbed lots of Fugazi, Jawbreaker, Samiam, Seaweed, and Hot Water Music. Added to this, again, is the depth of meaning scribed within the lyrics of frontman, Patrick Flynn. He does a good job of it. And lyrics that are often sung. And sometimes shouted. And, as before with Sprintime And Blind, fattened-up with judiciously (word!) placed backing vocals. The journey into 2021 just went up a gear. And in exactly the right direction.
Word of warning: Fiddleheads are the tips of young fern leaves. They are edible, and taste of almonds. But they are also carcinogenic. In the woods, at the wrong time of year, when you walk through braken leaves (aka the asbestos fern) you are dispersing into the air hundreds and thousands of deadly spores. This is a public service announcement in order to remind you that this overly romanticised thing we call “nature” ultimately wants you dead, so that it may dine upon your corpse. But this bares no connection to the music of the band Fiddlehead. They mean you no harm.
These are the last remaining copies of the first press, purple with a touch of white in the middle (now in its second press).

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