DRUNKEN MARKSMEN – “Decline Of Mankind” LP


Not Dead Yet / Blind Destruction / Mass Productions / Armistice

Random coloured vinyl. 2019

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Drunken Marksmen – “Decline Of Mankind” LP

The debut album by a relatively new hardcore punk band from the UK, with a very respectable pedigree that stretches back into the murky fog of time. Long-serving members of the South Wales DIY punk scene/community whose experience and nurtered talent shines through. Great, socially-switched-on, politicised lyrics from people who have the suss to do it right. Particulary rewarding for any punk-duffers, like myself, who have memories that go as far back as Classified Protest, Shrapnel, Life Cycle, Cowboy Killers (and good ol’ Words Of Warning Records!). This is an opportunity to check-out how best to progress forwards through time (the more you play the better you get!) and evolve (and, dare I say it… mature) with credibility intact.

Decline of Mankind by Drunken Marksman

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