DIZTORT – “Break Me Out” 7″


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Black vinyl, red insert. 2022

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Diztort – “Break Me Out” 7″

The follow-up to their Hell Is 12″ from 2018, Southern California’s Diztort presents a 7″ single that features one original track on the A-side, and a remix by Nick Woj of Cold World (and various other hip-hop and remix projects) on the B-side. A ludicrously expensive way to get hold of one single track (and the remix version is a little bit superfluous, if I’m honest) but mercifully, that one track is a devillishly good’un; a masterful stew of traditional ’80s NYHC with the metallic aspects of the ’90s that is a face pummeling attack of unapologetically tough’n nasty hardcore rage. So don’t pass it up. Artwork by Nicky Rat.

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