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DEPRIVED – “Discography” LP


Threat To Existence Records

Hand numbered (635 copies) 24″x36″ fold out poster sleeve. 2021

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Deprived – “Discography 89-92” LP

American anarcho punk band from the late 80’s that came straight out of the rioting streets of Portland, OR. Featuring spikey haired members of Defiance, Resist, Masskontroll  and the Riffs. This LP compiles together the Resistence 7″ EP from 1989, the Reject The Illusion.. Class War Now!! 7″ from 1991, the tracks from the Fuck All Governments! split 7″ from 1992 (shared with Resist), and including five previously unrleased tracks. It is what it is, American punks emulating the sounds of a second division Mortarhate band (like Liberty, Stalag 17 or Lost Cherrees), with both a Rudimentary Peni and an Instigators cover tucked in amongst it all. I liked Mortarhate Records, so I’m good with this.
Originally pressed in 2005, finally repressed in a limited run and including the original Crass-style full sized fold-out poster sleeve.

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