DEADBODY – “The Requiem” LP


Closed Casket Activities

Smoke with white splatter vinyl (450 copies), includes download. 2023

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Deadbody – “The Requiem” LP

A new death metal band from Los Angeles, California with their debut release. Essentially the sum total of their past membership: Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate, Zous, Nails, Apparition, ACXDC and Despise You. Tight, technical death metal, along the lines of Necrot, Gatecreeper and Brutal Truth, with a DNA that is instantly recognisable as originating from hardcore punk, rather than just straight-up metal (you know, authentic intensity rather than theatrical posturing). There’s good reason why it’s on Closed Casket Activities, and it fits in perfectly with their back catalogue.

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