CREEPING DEATH – “The Edge of Existence ” LP



Ruby and grey 180g vinyl with black splatter (1500 copies), includes download. 2021

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Creeping Death – “The Edge of Existence” 12″ EP

Dallas death metal that steers away from pushing the boundaries into new extremes of down-tuned heaviness, speed, technicality, or whatever, and instead concentrates all energies on just being really tight and very fucking good. With nutrient-seeking fibrous roots seeking their way down to the buried corpses of Morbid Angel, Death and Entombed; with a taproot nourished by hardcore punk and modern thrash metal. Produced and mixed by Ryan Bram (Gatecreeper, Bitter Rivals, Sex Prisoner), the six-song EP introduces three new songs alongside remade and revitalized versions of the three songs from their debut EP from 2016, “Sacrament of Death”.

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