CRAN – “Reject” LP


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Black vinyl (300 copies,) silkscreened B-side. 2024

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Cran – “Reject” 12″ EP

A fabulous slice of modern French-punk, (that yeah, is also very old school), from ex members of Claimed Choice, Rcidive, Harassment, Curare, Plomb, Prisionnier Due Temps, and Lion’s Law. Since forming in Paris in 2018 Cran have plugged direct into that melodic street punk sound that the French, for whatever reason, do so damn well. Something about those thuggish backing vocals that hit a soaring harmony – timeless and great, and, somehow very French. Cran are possessed by a shed-load of rage and passion too, and it makes for a killer three track 12″ EP (with a silkscreened B-side). Imported from Canada via America -and consequently quite expensive, I expect a cheaper Euro press is out there somewhere in punkland.

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