CHAOS UK – “Short Sharp Shock” LP


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White vinyl. 2023

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Chaos UK – “Short Sharp Shock” LP

State of the nation circa 1984. The UK’s punk scene was starting to wobble: aside from Conflict and the other Mortarhate bands, the anarcho punk movement was running out of steam; while hardcore was a new, imported style that was still waiting to cast it’s omnipotent influence… In the meantime, step forward the scruffbags of Bristol and take a bow (woah, steady now – too much cider, yeah? Up ya get). A riotous landmark recording from Chaos UK, following-up their debut album from the previous year with something faster, wilder, angrier and noisier than (anyone else) before. Acting as a midway conduit between the two halves of the 1980’s: ranting political-punk in a spiked leather jacket, meet speed obsessed skater-punk in squelchy army surplus cast-offs, and then turn up the volume please.

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