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Burial Invocation – “Abiogenesis” LP

Turkish death metal disciples, active since 2008, returning from an interim slumber to realease their debut full-length in 2018 (on Dark Decent in the US and Me Saco Un Ojo in the UK). Evidently, the Turkish underground is very much alive and kicking (giving Erdogan and his cronies a severve kick to the face in the process one can only hope), and now I’m thrilled to discover Burial Invocation: crazed technical metal overload that is a peg or two lower down on the gutteral heaviosity of say, Morbid Angel and Entomed; hurled at your lug’oles with ferocious tightness and precision, nothing wasted, no unnecceassry flim-flam. 100% death metal.

Abiogenesis by Burial Invocation

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