BOOJI BOYS – “Weekend Rockers” LP


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Includes download code, black vinyl, limited to 400 copies. 2017

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Booji Boys – “Weekend Rockers” LP

Fuzzed-out rampage through some brain-boiling tunes. It’s not an obvious comparison, but Booji Boys have a grip on melodic songwriting that reminds me of The Wipers, albeit with added high-speed energy and reverby overload. Husker Du, too… something in the guitar tone, I guess…  Somewhere between Huskers and Jay Reatard, perhaps…  Booji Boys are from Nova Scotia, are named after the character who sang in Devo, and this is their second full-length.

endnote: Devo pronounced the name as ‘Boogie Boy’. The misspelling was due to a lack of the neccessary letraset. Devo being Devo thought that the odd spelling looked right. I hope the Booji Boys pronouce it the same way…


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