BIG LAUGH – “Consume Me” LP (black/green vinyl)


Revelation Records

Black, green vinyl (300 copies), 2023

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Big Laugh – “Consume Me” LP

Revelation Records come charging into 2023 with one of their biggest-hitting hardcore releases in quite some time. By which I mean full-on, straight-ahead hardcore, with minimal deviation towards melody, or metal. But at the same time, Milwaukee’s Big Laugh have enough creative tricks up their sleeves to keep this from being merely another generic piece of cultural revisionism. They are a continuation of the upper Midwest of America’s tradition of taking tried and tested formulas and then spicing them up with reinvention. Husker Du, Articles Of Faith and Die Kreuzen are the obvious historical examples. Big Laugh made a sizeable impression in 2020 with the debut EP, Manic Revision, (released on 11 PM Records, and now due for a Revelation repress in Spring of 2023), and this debut full-length is inevitably going to make much more of an impact…

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