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Better Never Than Late: Midwest Hardcore Flyers and Ephemera 1981-1984  –  Hardback Book

Compiled by Tony Rettman, Chris Minicucci and Richard Warwick

The legacy of Detroit hardcore documented primarily though gig flyers, and also photos, fanzines, clippings, and other ‘assorted detritus’. Gig posters for Negative Approach, Necros, and The Meatmen (etc) were often pretty basic and generic when it comes to graphic art skills (and the lack thereof), but the fascination lies in discovering the countless obscure and unrecorded support bands – who were Cause Of Pain that supported Void in 1983? And Violent Apathy that supported Discharge – huh? A fantastic portal into another time and place, and essential for the connoisseurs/anoraks of early US hardcore. Full colour reproductions, with a ‘quarter bound‘ (fabric) hard cover.

Hardback 196 pages, 22cm x 29cm (RRP $29.99)


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