BEACH SLANG – “The Deadbeat Bang Of Heartbreak City” LP


Bridge Nine / Quiet Panic Records

Limted edition coloured vinyl. 2020

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Beach Slang – “The Deadbeat Bang Of Heartbreak City” LP

The most recent album from American hard rocking mainstays Beach Slang. On this record James Alex Snyder (who, Ive just noticed on Discogs, was a member of Weston) has been joined by special guest bassist Tommy Stinson (The Replacements, Soul Asylum, and, um, Guns ‘N’ Roses). Indie-emo with an element of supressed punk energy, that’s mainly here to blast out loud, up-beat anthemic rock, and to be fair, they do it incredibly well…. somewhere between Andrew WK, Jawbreaker/Jets To Brazil, The Replacements, and Bright Eyes!

The Deadbeat Bang Of Heartbreak City by Beach Slang

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