AVSKUM – “En Annan Varld Ar Möjlig” LP (Euro)


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Black vinyl includes insert. 2023

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Avskum – “En Annan Varld Ar Möjlig” LP

Returning with their first new album since 2008. En Annan Värld Ar Möjlig translates to “Another World Is Possible”, it’s their fifth album, and has 17 new tracks recorded by Kenko at Communichaos Studios. The legendary Swedish punk band are still pounding the beats and screaming-out their guts – a band that still have plenty of social issues and political causes to rage about – fascism, mysogyny, militarism, corruption – reflected in the speed, volume and fury of their noise, which hasn’t lessened with the passing of time one jot. Featuring guest vocals from Tompa from At The Gates/Disfear, TB from Asocial/Uncurbed, and Mattis from Makabert Fynd.  These copies are the European press, as opposed to the US version released by Prank, and the text layout is slightly different on the back cover.

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