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“Armed With Anger: How Punk Survived The Nineties” – Book

By Ian Glasper

The fourth instalment in Ian Glasper’s noble project to document the near impossible. Some baffling omissions, and some equally baffling inclusions, but on the whole an impressive feat that manages to uncover the diverse and highly creative culture that was UK hardcore punk in the nineties. Exploring, region by region – with interviews, photos and flyer art –  the (truly) independent bands that hid themselves away in the smoky back rooms of pubs and autonomous clubs of 90s Britain. In a decade of music dominated by drug-addled ravers and fatuous media inventions like Riot Girl, Grunge and Brit-Pop, this is a book that successfully casts a spotlight into the dark recesses of a secret and defiant collective of sub-cultures that would otherwise remain undocumented.

700 pages, paperback, 15cm x 23cm. (RRP £17.99)



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