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Includes inserts and sticker. 2010

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Absolution – self-titled 7”

One of the more highly regarded NYHC bands of the late ’80s. Neither crossover thrash, or youth crew hardcore. Absolution were unique.  This version of their self-titled debut EP is an absolute anomaly: if I understand right, this is vocalist Djinji Brown teaming-up with original guitarist Gavin Van Black (of Burn), and two other musicians, in a studio in 2012, to faithfully re-record the whole EP. Why? I don’t know. Confused me. The sleeve is all faithfully re-printed, and this new version has some cool, new inserts. This is the 2020 repress of the 2012 recording, that was originaly released in 2013. Nicely done…. but I’m still confused…

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