ANTI SYSTEM – “In Defence Of Who’s Realm?” LP


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Green vinyl with black marble, includes poster. 2024

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Anti System – “In Defence Of Who’s Realm?” LP

The singles and EPs by the Bradford based anarcho punks. An album that includes all the tracks from the Defence Of The Realm EP (1983) and A Look At Life 12″ (1986), along with four tracks taken from the PAX compilations Punk Dead – Nah Mate…  (1983) and Bollox To The Gonads…  (1984)… two compilation albums from back in the day that for some reason I no longer seem to own, can’t think why, but then again, on reflection, maybe I can… During the mid-80s, Anti System were slightly in the shadow of their primary influences: Flux Of Pink Indians, Conflict and Discharge. But in an age, now, for better or worse,  when any small town band who released a four track cassette in their garage sometime in 1983 can get a full-vinyl reissue, complete with booklet, this is a band, in 2024, that stand-out as late-period, anarcho legends, and crust-punk pioneers. And to a large extent it is well deserved. At the time of releasing their penultimate 12″, the classic A Look At Life, (heavily influenced by Onslaught and Sacrilege) they had risen to new heights, consequently becoming, albeit briefly, part of the holy ‘A’ trinity, alongside Amebix and Antisect.

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